Joe Wheeler State Park Camp Grounds

Had a great time with my Nephew Wendell and His wife Karen. This was our first time out in the new camper. It was awesome to be back out.


Stone Mountain Georgia from the camp grounds

I spent my February vacation here this year. I loved it had a great time

Barber Motorsports Speedway from Above

The was on a open motorcycle day and I was not on their property I was outside of the gates.

Guntersville Alabama Sunset

This was taken one evening and my wife and I were traveling back to our camp grounds from shopping.

DJI Phantom 2 with a GoPro3

This is an awesome setup for just puttin around and do videos.

My New Toy

Just on a side note I decided to upgrade my car. This is my 4th Corvette. I started with a 1998, then a 2003, then 2010, and now this one..

Getting Ready to Upgrade to FBL on my x50

Right now it is flybarred. I have ordered a flybarless head and thinking about a MSH Brain flybarless control unit.

Thunder Tiger Titan x50

In case you are wondering .. Yep I like thunder Tiger stuff. My most recent is a brand new in the box x50B for $300.00. This was a awesome find even though it is the low end of the model. It was fairly easy to assemble, as a matter of fact it was a little harder than the R30 and R50. I am using 3 DS610’s, 1 DS620, and 1 DS650 with a futaba gy520 gyro and a AR8000 receiver a 2-in-1, and a RCE-G600 governor. Here is the end result.


Raptor 30 Is Now A Raptor 50 Titan SE FBL

My Raptor 30 has been upgraded to a Raptor 50 Titan SE. The tail boom has been extended to the  Titan
length, metal tail upgrade, metal pitch arm, metal aileron and elevator levers. The only thing left to
upgrade is the engine and that is on is on it’s way. An OS 55 HZ Hyper with a Funtec B320 muffler.
after that the only thing left that can be upgraded is the servos, right now I have all align servos.

See more details in the forum….

Raptor 30 V2 Goes Flybarless

Hey Everyone,

I decide to take my Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 V2 to the next level. I purchased a Spektrum AR7200BX and a TracX Flybarless 600 Head. I am also moving the tail servo to the rear of the heli, and I am going to fabricate my own double link push/pull assemblies for the pitch and aileron. Here is a picture of the current status of the heli at the moment. See the full write up at


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